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The sermon library from St Martins C3 - click here to listen on spotify.

Richard Black - Proactive Perspective


In this sermon, guest speaker Richard Black shares three different perspectives people hold about life and encourages us to be proactive with our perspective by adopting an overcomers mindset.

All In


In this sermon, Warren Gouman explores what Jesus had to say about our attitudes towards money and how we put Godly attitudes regarding money into action.

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In this series we explore the way our relationship with God can lead us to live with great resilience in the face of every challenge life might bring our way.

Rules vs Relationship


In our family service, we look at two kinds of clubs. One where obeying rules are the condition of entrance and another one where you are already in. Jonty asks the question, "which one is closest to Christianity?"

Tranforming People


Our Transforming Lives series is about who God has called us to be as one of His local churches in St Martins, Christchurch, NZ. We will explore together what core values Christ expects His church to hold and how we are express those values at St Martins C3.


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