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Mental Health Seminar
Dealing with anxiety & worry
Tuesday May 9, 7pm - 9pm


We all face stress and pressure, but what do we do when it gets too much and how do we help others who are struggling? 

75-90% of doctor visits have a stress-related component and it can be hard to know how to cope. In this informative and practical seminar, we will teach you what causes stress, what happens to your mind and body when you experience it, help you identify your triggers and give some keys to overcoming it in your life.

The course will be run by two of the Pastors from St Martins C3 and will be using material from Lives Transformed. It aims to provide help dealing with stress and anxiety to anyone whether you go to church or not. The cost includes snacks as well as a full copy of the seminar notes.

When:    Tuesday May 9, 7:00-9:00pm
Where:    St Martins C3, 144 Wilsons Road. 
Cost:    $5 per person.

Register by using the form below or for more information, email:

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