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Mental Health Seminar
Achieving Your Goals
Tuesday, October 31, 7pm - 9pm

Deep down we know we could achieve more, so why don’t we?


How do we turn our good intentions into a way of life? What stops us from reaching our potential? Is motivation just a case of self-discipline, or is there more to it than that? Come and explore the answers to these questions and more. Learn how to develop the habits that will lead to change and success.


This course will cover material from the book 'Atomic Habits' and will be run by one of the Pastors from St Martins C3. This material is suitable for anyone whether you go to church or not. 

When:    Tuesday October 31,  7:00-9:00pm
Where:    St Martins C3, 144 Wilsons Road. 
Cost:    Free

Register by using the form below or for more information, email: 

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