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Focus Night
Parenting: Faith & Social Media
Sunday, May 26, 7-9pm

Our kids are growing up in an overwhelming world of technology and social media.


They are bombarded with information from a disbelieving world. They are also facing rising anxiety through relational conflict and societal expectations of who they are as people. As parents, it is our role to help them navigate these tricky waters and do all we can to steer them towards a life-giving relationship with Jesus.


On this night, we will present some of the latest findings of social media’s impact on young people. We will also discuss together how we as parents can help kids establish a lifelong relationship with Jesus.

When:    Sunday May 26,  7-9pm
Where:    St Martins C3, 144 Wilsons Road. 
Cost:    Free

Register not required just turn up. For more information, email: 

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