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Discovery Group
Bible Study
Tuesdays in October, 7pm - 9pm

We all have big questions about how to live well in the world. What if we could find answers to those questions in the Bible?


A Discovery Group is a place to see for oneself what the Bible says about life's big questions. It is designed specifically to gather answers and apply Scriptural wisdom.


Every week we:

  • Share something we are grateful for and what is causing us stress

  • Review what we did last week

  • Read a passage from the Bible and have someone re-tell it

  • Explore what this passage says about God and what it says about humans

  • Evaluate what we are doing well

  • Decide one thing we would like to change

  • Think of one person to share what we have learned with


Being in a group of other people is a great way to grow as a person, as well as form fantastic friendships. For more information, and to try it, contact - Led by Chris and Abbi Hurst every Tuesday night from 7:30-9:00 pm.

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